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Andrew Smith
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Could I have a second opinion at to whether this boiler diagnosis

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Could I have a second opinion at to whether this boiler diagnosis is correct please?

"we attended as arranged to investigate the reported fault of no heating and hot water. on inspection we found the boiler not to be lighting. The boiler is recognising a demand the pump starts, then the fan and air pressure switch operates but there is no gas getting through the valve for ignition. This would indicate that the gas valve is defective. The diaphragm on the boiler is also defective as the tenant informed us that in order to get hot water he has to have the heating on. Please note as with any electrical component the main circuit board may also be defective and may need to be replaced also this is not always visible until the components have been replaced, alpha boilers are known to have this fault due to the lead connections. The boiler is also showing signs of leakage on the manifold connections at the rear it is difficult to tell if it is just the washers that are leaking or a defective component, again we would have to start work in order to diagnose the issue. If all three components are replaced the cost would be £535.40 plus vat. Due to age 15 years plus, make, condition i would strongly recommend the boiler be replaced please find attached the quote to replace the boiler if this option is taken up then there will be no charge for todays visit."

Unfortunately I have just agreed the sale of the property, the new owner is not willing to continue towards the cost of a replacements boiler. So I would like to get a short term fix for the tenant, and they've the rest to the new owner within their renovations.


XXXXX XXXXX : can you confirm that the APS is passing voltage and simply not clicking
XXXXX XXXXX : Is the unit trying to spark - if not then still probably the APS too.
XXXXX XXXXX : If replacing the APS and a new diaphragm in the water flow switch may cost £150-£200 for the both

Hi Andrew, that is what I was told by the plumber appointed by the letting agent ...


Who is recommending a new boiler ...

XXXXX XXXXX : who will, of course, get his cut too
XXXXX XXXXX : You may want to find someone else local and get a second opinion
XXXXX XXXXX : I don't know why he was saying it needed a new PCB, I have an Alpha boiler that is 15 years old and I have only had to replace the hot water flow switch - £25 over 15 years is not bad
Customer: Hi Andrew,
Customer: i asked plumber, that as the property is under offer, and the new buyer wasn't interested in a new boiler, then I needed the job to be as cost effective as possible as it will soon be sold.
Customer: he was very reluctant to start the job without doing the PCB as well, as he couldn't test it, and "sometimes the valve is connected directly to a capacitor on the board"?
Customer: i have an uneasy feeling that the repair was priced to be close to the cost of a new boiler, and hence put me under pressure to do a new installation?
Customer: gas Cert was done end of last November, but now there a "leaks around the manifold too"?
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