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I have an aura 2.0 BAR shower pump in my loft. This has come

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I have an aura 2.0 BAR shower pump in my loft. This has come on and off at random during the night. What is the most likely trigger for this: a leak into the pump so that it thinks a shower is on or an air pocket. Any way of finding out without dismantling the appliance?

XXXXX XXXXX : The pressure in the pipeline after the pump has dropped enough for the pump to trigger, is the shower dripping at all?

Shower head has been in bucket for half hour plus no sign of leak here. Also no sign of external link in feed-in or feed out to pump.






hello, message says you've stepped out of chat. I assume you ran out of ideas! @link' in my previous not should have read


Hello. Message says you've stepped out of chat. Assume you had nothing more to say!

XXXXX XXXXX : it appears you only have 10 minutes once I responded
XXXXX XXXXX : Perhaps this is only happening at night when the pressure is much higher
XXXXX XXXXX : Is it gravity hot water and mains cold water?

Yes seems to be at night, but may be disguised by other noises or happen when we are out during the day. However, hot water tank is below the power unit and cold feed seems to be from header tank next to the unit in the loft. Power unit thinks the shower is on, but as there seems to be no air lock and no leakage from the shower heads my guess is that there is a fault in the unit triggering this response. How easy is this to diagnose/repair?


There is a flow switch that clicks when the water is flowing - if you take the cover off you will see it near where the water goes out, follow the hose back to the unit and follow the flow of water


Yup. Fault in unit.

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