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fixer2013, Property Manager
Category: Plumbing
Satisfied Customers: 82
Experience:  As an ex -facilities manager I am suitably qualified to assist on general plumbing issues.
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I have a aqualisa aquaforce power shower (the pump is in the

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I have a aqualisa aquaforce power shower (the pump is in the airing cupboard) and it has stopped working. There is nothing from the pump,

fixer2013 :

Good evening

fixer2013 :

I hope that I can help you . You say that the pump isn't running at all. Have you checked any circuit breaker or other at the consumer unit.

fixer2013 :

Would you be competent in testing whether there is power to the pump. If not I would advise for safety that it may be prudent to contact a competent electrician.

fixer2013 :

It may be just something simple like a fuse or a trip out. Is there a fused spur outlet that the pump is connected to? If so have you changed the fuse.

Customer: The pump is plugged into a plug socket so I have changed the fuse and still no lucj
fixer2013 :

Is it possible to plug in a small lamp to see if there is power to the socket?

Customer: Have just done so and there is power to the socket
fixer2013 :

Ok thank you . If you now put the pump plug back in what happens now? also the pump my be stuck can you give it a tap with something wooden, ( this sometimes having done it myself)

fixer2013 :

If all this fails then I would suspect it is the pump itself that has gone faulty

fixer2013 :

From your shower do you have water coming out at all ?

Customer: Nothing happens when I have plugged it back in, no noise . The light on the pump us not lighting up so it looks like there is no power reaching the pump. Nothing happens when I tap it with wood.
Customer: There is water coming from the shower, but with no pressure
fixer2013 :

Thanks for your reply , I am sorry but it seems that the pump itself has failed. It will probably need replacing. Can I ask how old it is?

Customer: we moved into the property in December but we're told it was a couple of years old
fixer2013 :

For it to fail it may be older. If it is a rented property the landlord is responsible or if you purchased the property then I am sorry it would be best to get a plumber to change it for you.

fixer2013 :

I hope you get it sorted satisfactorily, As I feel the problem is the pump Then I cannot offer any further advice.

fixer2013 :

If you feel I have been of help, would you please rate my replies.

Customer: Thank you
fixer2013 :

Thank you kind regards

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Hello again
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