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Hi, Ive just noticed a crack in the base of the toilet by

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Hi, I've just noticed a crack in the base of the toilet by the fixings to the floor at the back by the wall. There doesn't appear to be any water leaking and the water level in the pan seems constant. Is it possible to repair the crack or do I need to replace the toilet? Thanks

XXXXX XXXXX : If it is not leaking then do not replace it. If it is not much of a crack try some superglue into the crack to give it some strength and stability
Customer: Is it safe for the toilet to be used?
Customer: Can you use superglue on porcelain?
XXXXX XXXXX : Yes, if you are not leaking water from the trap then it will only be a crack in the exterior part
XXXXX XXXXX : Superglue should work with the crack
Customer: Ok and that should keep it stable?
XXXXX XXXXX : you should be fine as long as the pan does not wobble?
Customer: i don't think it does - have not used it since I saw the crack
XXXXX XXXXX : Perhaps it has been cracked for a while, just unnoticed?
Customer: could be it's the spare toilet.
XXXXX XXXXX : I think it will be fine just give it some additional help with some superglue
Customer: I've just taken a picture and it appears to go two thirds along the back
XXXXX XXXXX : a new toilet will only cost you about £100 these days if you are unsure
Customer: and I've just checked it doesn't wobble
Customer: does that include getting it put in?
XXXXX XXXXX : No, but should only take an hour or so, so about £60 to fit it
Customer: Thanks
Customer: ok one more question if I may
Customer: how do you fine a plumber??. Help
XXXXX XXXXX : A good plumber will come from your friends recommendations
Customer: Oh
XXXXX XXXXX : You could try your local free paper, usually good people in there
Customer: Thank you
XXXXX XXXXX : Stay away from big adverts and ask for a price over the phone as you know what the work is
Customer: Thanks I will.
Customer: hope you have a great Easter
XXXXX XXXXX : Thanks - no problem
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