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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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Hello When the cold water tap is turned on this results in

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When the cold water tap is turned on this results in a tapping noise from under the sink. I have a water meter in/on the wall outside and just on the other side is the kitchen sink where I have a 22mm gate valve as my stopcock.

Under the sink I have 2 cold feeds and 1 hot feed to external taps all have non-return valves fitted.

Can't exactly locate the ticking noise, but someone said that it could be the gate valve chattering. Do you have any ideas?

XXXXX XXXXX : Have you ruled out the water meter, some of these can tick quite loudly when they get worn and the noiose
XXXXX XXXXX : noise can travel up the pipework.
XXXXX XXXXX : If the gate valve is to isolate the water supply to something important then it should be changeds t
XXXXX XXXXX : changed to something with a more reliable shut off - like a stoptap, as they are not built for pressure situations

The gate valve is acting as my stoptap!


So I guess replace this first?


Hose built 10 years ago.


I mean House.

XXXXX XXXXX : Yes, get the plumber to turn it off in the pavement and swap it first
XXXXX XXXXX : Try and get your head in the water meter cupboard and see if the noise is coming from there first

Thanks Very much

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