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BAXI Solo 15 HE boiler - recurring ignition fault Its got

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BAXI Solo 15 HE boiler - recurring ignition fault

It's got 3 lights:
lock out
burner on
mains on

Normally it's:
on (solid green)
on (solid green)

Occasionally we saw water & house weren't heated, and looking at the boiler revealed:
on (solid red)
on (solid green)

The sequence refers to 'ignition fault' based on the sticker found on the boiler.

Holding down the reset button for few seconds get it working again. It was happening in the past fairly frequently (ie every few days) and our landlord sent a plumber, who I think adjusted pressure (don't know how to do this as I wasn't home at the time). Issue wasn't resolved and he visited numerous times.

But then past few monthly it wasn't as frequent, it the fault occurred now and then and we just reset.

Past few weeks, it's been more frequent again, ie almost daily or even several times a day.

And today I've had to reset every few hours/minutes!

Please only answer if you've dealt with this problem before or really think you know the solution. Many thanks.

Plumberpro : Hi .
Plumberpro : boiler issues like this can be a multitude of issues .
Plumberpro : ie fan issue,air pressure switch , ignition detection probes , pcb .
Plumberpro : The only proper advice which is safe to give is to get a decent boiler engineer in to solve it . Ask friends and family , neighbours for a recommendation .

Thanks. I was hoping for some things I could try. Anyhow, I tried increasing the temperature and the fault occurs much less often than before.


Any idea on typical cost to diagnose and fix this sort of issue around London, if I get a decent boiler engineer?

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