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why is the water not heating in my electric shower

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why is the water not heating in my electric shower

Plumberpro :

Hello. I will try to help you

Plumberpro :

Is there a light on indicating the shower has electricity going to it ?

Plumberpro : Hi . Do you require any more help with your shower fault

yes, the power light is on

Plumberpro : Hi . Is the water flowing at full rate ?

yeah it seems to be fairly strong

Plumberpro : Hi , do you know the model of the shower ?

its a mira elite, a light flickers occasionally where it says low flow (just under the power light)

Plumberpro : Hi. Please give me a minute or two .


Plumberpro : Hello . Is it an elite st?
Plumberpro : Hi . Can you turn the power off completely and back on . Does this solve the issue?

I have to wait for someone to do that if you mean the overall power? if its the power to the shower I have done that, doesnt resolve it

Plumberpro : Hi . These showers have a self setting thermal cut out . If the water flow is too low it can overheat the water and cutout on the overheat.
Plumberpro : Hi . This is tricky , I'm afraid . They have a pump inside aswell as a heater can . Can you hear the pump switching on when you run the shower ?
Plumberpro : Hello. Based on the information you have given there a three possibilities.

yes I can hear it go on alright everything are before except no heat

Plumberpro : Hello . Ok that's good . The only things it could be are the thermal switch (around £15) or the heater can ,around £70 . I would try the thermal switch first. Can be bought here I have had to take a few of these showers out and replace them with a shower system that runs off either mains water with a booster or off a a tank fed hot and cold supply with a pump. If you have further question please go ahead. If not please give a positive response, many thanks
Plumberpro : Hi . Does this answer your question?

thanks so much will try the switch

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Glad I could be of help . All the best
Hi please give a positive response if I was of help. Many thanks
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