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We have an old Bosch Aquatak 120i water pressure washer which

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We have an old Bosch Aquatak 120i water pressure washer which has hardly been used. We have now started using it and after a few hours use over the last couple of weeks it has just started to leak water from the base of the unit and consequently has lost pressure. We suspect a seal has gone due to its age and if so can it be replaced?

Plumberpro : Hi . These parts can be replaced.
Plumberpro : These seals can be bought at
Plumberpro : if this answers your question could you please give a positive response. If you have further questions ,alternately please post your question
Plumberpro : thanks
Customer: First, I need to know whether our assumption is correct as it is a pure guess as I know nothing about water pressure machines.. Then I need to know how to access the inside of the machine to find the part that needs replacing. Then I need to know where I can get the replacement part!
Customer: I did ask for a detailed reply!
Plumberpro : Hi .
Plumberpro : The link I gave you has a schematic drawing , but you would find it hard to find someone who has repaired this exact model of pressure washer .. The screws are usually easily accessible . If you can get the cover off you may be able to see where it is leaking from .
Customer: Ok. We will try the link. Sorry our messages crossed. I will leave this open until I have had a chance to look at it.
Customer: thanks.
Plumberpro : Thats ok
Customer: We took the screws out of the cover but it didn't come off so we haven't been able to access the inside of the machine at all. Any ideas? Are there some hidden screws or something. It didn't! loosen at all!
Plumberpro : Hi . It looks like the lower front cover comes off .check for screws under control knobs. It may lever off from the under neath as on the drawing it looks like it has a couple of raised bits that hook in at the top of the cover .
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Just to let you know we've given up! Thanks.
Sorry to hear that would you like me to pass it over to another expert ?
Hi . Spoke to bosch. That said there are 4 acces screws down by wheels at back . Have you seen these?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yes, we have undone these screws.
It should come apart. Do you want the number of the bosch service centre helpline ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
We have already called them and they gave us the name of the local repair shop and my husband doesn't want to carry on as he has already nearly broken it trying to get the cover off. So to be honest this whole exercise has been a waste of time and money as it has got us no where and we will have to pay more money to get it fixed or buy a new one, so I shall probably not bother with this site again, I'm afraid.
Well, maybe thecrepair shop would be kind enough to show your husband how to get the cover off without charge.i am sorry you had a struggle with it. Bosch assured me itcwas just the 4screws. Its not always eady trying to give advice like this, but I wish you all the best
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