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Hi, I am thinking of putting in an ECO12 Ceramic Water Filter.

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I am thinking of putting in an ECO12 Ceramic Water Filter. Either this or some form of Saltless Water softening system. Could anyone recommend one, and how easy are they to plumb in

Plumberpro : Hi . These are very simple to fit .they go on incoming water supply before any outlets but limited to 17.3 litres per minute.
Plumberpro : I have usually fitted the larger under sink varieties that have a much bigger flow rate. There are ones that use salt though and can't be connected to the drinking water. The eco12 is a filter that filters out contaminants in the water and the ceramic has anti bacterial properties. Are you looking for soft water , ie removal of salts in water or removal of contaminants?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ideally Soft water but using a saltless unit

Hello . I have looked at these on line . They sound quite good , de scaling properties and filtration at the same time .
Think that if you fitted this you wouldn't go wrong . These are the only type of salt less filters I have seen (there are other brands) you get the best of both world , contaminant filtration and lime scale prevention. Also the water is potable, ie drinkable . Just bear in mind it recommends a pre and post filter aswell .
These units don't remove all the calcium carbonates, they change their structure so they can't bond and form lime scale . True soft water units that use salt completely remove the calcium carbonate .
Hi do you require further information or have other questions ? If not could you please give a positive response, thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Could you tell me which sites you looked at?

For salt less filters there is There are others if you put no salt water water softener into google search .
Also . This is eco12.

Hi . Looking at all the info I would make a recommendation
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What would you recommend?


Hi . For water softening I can only recommend the water softeners that use salt, however , obviously the choice is yours to make. There are two varieties. One that runs of electricity and one that uses no electricty and is driven by the water passing through it . I can recommend kinetico , can be seen at kinetico .uk and widely available.
The only thing is that these have installation difficulties, where as the eco12 can simply connect into the mains near where it comes into the house .
With the salt water softeners, a non softened feed to the kitchen sink (for drinking,cooking water) is needed and this depends on the layout of your mains plumbing pipe work .
Hi , do you know the layout of your mains pipe work .if it runs to your kitchen sink then splits of to everywhere else then you are in luck.Hi do you have any further questions? If so please let me know , otherwise could you please give me a positive response, thank you
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