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The unit is a Quartz wich was installed nearly 10 years ago

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The unit is a Quartz wich was installed nearly 10 years ago . The problem is that there is good water pressure , but no hot water coming through . Could you please advise ?

Plumberpro : Hi . Is it a digital system ?
Plumberpro : Hello . Do you have hot water everywhere else

Quartz off the wall electro thermostatic shower system- A2.EV.01 is that helpful ?

Plumberpro : Ok . Give me a minute.

Yes there is hot water everywhere else - sorry if this is taking me so long - not done this before !

Plumberpro : That's ok . I would check the shower head isn't scaled up and affecting things first . Take the shower head off the hose and run the shower . Is the water hot now . If so this will confirm the shower head needs descaling or replacing.

We have done this before and does not need descaling

Plumberpro : Ok . The unit above the shower somewhere contains the pump(if it is the pumped type) and the mixing valve . The incoming water ,hot and cold , should have small filters , probably where the pipes enter the unit . The hot filter should be checked to make sure it is not blocked. Do you have a combi boiler or tank system ?

Thank you we have a tank system. Approx cost of having someone to look at filters please /problem as it stands?

Plumberpro : Before I answer that can I ask whether you could turn the cold supply off to the unit with hot on through

we are not sure how to do that - sorry

Plumberpro : Ok . If you need time to do these things you can go slowly and return my answers in your own time . Do you know where the shower blending unit is ((black box)

I think the blending unit is in the loft, we have only just had our central heating serviced and repaired so don't want to muck about with the water. This is a separate problem as the shower has not been working for over 9 months

Plumberpro : Ok . This could be one of a few things.
Plumberpro : There could be an airlock on the hot pipe work

ok do we need to think of anything else it could be? thanks for your diagnosis

Plumberpro : the hot filter could be blocked. The blending valve in the unit could be faulty . The control that operates temperature within the shower could be faulty . If you are not confident at doing these things you will need a good plumber with experience and a a bit of sense. Don't call a plumber from the phone book , small adds , or online. Get a good recommendation from friends, neighbours or family , who has known the plumber for a good while and has good things to say about them . . It could take a couple of hours to solve and in the end bear in mind that ten years is a good length of time for a shower of this sort

thankyou for your advice - I have rated it good

Plumberpro : Thank you . I wish you all the best with it
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