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I have an Aqualisa thermostatic shower control, about 20 ears

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I have an Aqualisa thermostatic shower control, about 20 ears old, grey. It has started dripping when turned off. I have got a new Aqualisa cartridge internal seal set (022801 022802, 022803, 022804, 022805, 022807, 022808, 022809). I have taken the catridge out but can't see how to dismantle it. There are no instructions. I'd rather not have to buy a complete, new cartidge. Can you help me please?

Plumberpro : Hi . Can I help ?

Thank you. Did you see my problem?


I hoped to be able to stop the drip by getting new seals but I don't see how to fit them.

Plumberpro : I did . The cartridge is held in by 4 screws. Have you undone these?

I've taken the cartridge out but I think that I need to dismantle it further.


Yes, removed those.

Plumberpro : no you don't need to dismantle it . Is is all in one piece.

So it seems! There are two more screws after undoing those 4 and I've removed those also.

Plumberpro : Does the cartridge look like this
Plumberpro : Hello . Did the seals come with the cartridge?
Plumberpro : Sorry .just re-read your first message .the cartridge ,once the screws are undone pulls out .

Sorry - got a vital phone call. Back with you.

Plumberpro : hello. Have you managed to pull the cartridge out ?

Yes it looks like that only grey. (No pink)


Yes, catride out and here on a tray.

Plumberpro : yes , the pink is for combi boilers, the grey for low pressure. The dripping is caused by water seeping past the seals. There is the big main one , but also a small o ring right at the back. If you put your finger in at the back you can feel it

Is that in the space that the cartridge came out of?

Plumberpro : Yes

I'll check (another room)

Plumberpro : Ok

(I have a photo of the cartridge - should I try nto send it?

Plumberpro : No is ok . This o ring needs to be changed. Have you got one?

Full Size Image
I think I see it_ a small black ring inside the tube running out of the back of the space


I got a set of rings. None is called an O ring but one of them may be.


The ones I have have numbers


Probably the serial numbers are the ones that I sent with my original message.

Plumberpro : Yes. It is fiddly to change and you may have to find the right tool to get it out . I used to use an old dentist tool . But anything sharp at the end should do. Getting the new o ring in is a pain . You have to get it started in one area then move it in all orotund

I have the Aqualisa cartride internal seal set

Plumberpro : That's good . Your photo didn't come out.

The one labelled 05 looks about thr right size and there are two of them in the set.

Plumberpro : Do you have the big one and small one , both black rubber?

They're all black rummer, 2 larger about 8mm diam.

Plumberpro : Once you get the old one out you can check the new one against it. If you have some grease or Vaseline this will help . Put a little on after it's in . This will help the cartridge go back in easier.

Thank you. I suppose I just need to fiddle now and if the ring that I get out is a different size from the new ones that I have I'll have to take it to a good plumber to see if they have the right one. But I suppose that the set I have may include the correct one even though it seems to be for a different cartrdidge as there are more rings that I need.

Plumberpro : If it came as a set it should be the right one . It may seem thicker , but once in the groove should be ok.

Thank you. I'll set to work.

Plumberpro : All the best .


Plumberpro : P.s if you are happy with the a vice could you give a positive response . Thanks . If you need further help , just come back on and ask
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I did change the ring. I made a little tool by heating the tip of a long needle in a gas flame so that I could bend it into a hook. Unfortunately it didn't improve the drip so I got in touch with Aqualisa who were also extremely helpful. They thought that it was unlikely that changing the ring would help and advized changing the core, either myself (cheaper) or have it fitted with a 2 year guarantee. As I'd already spent ages on it and fearing that I might still have problems I've gone for the expensive option and console myself that I've tried my best.


Incidentally, this rarely used mixer is 20 years old and the other that we use at least daily and which looks just the same has given no trouble for 30 years.


Thank you again for your help.

Hi . Changing both seals is always a good option as whilst the cartridge is out it make sense to do at the time.
The cartridge usually only needs to be changed when the temperature is not correct, but I wish you all the best with it. I have given advice based on my experience of changing these over the years.
If you feel I have been of some use could you please give a positive response.
Many thanks.
Hi . If I was able to help would you please give a positive response. Thank you