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Hi there,I had a basin installed in the bathroom,I filled the

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Hi there,I had a basin installed in the bathroom,I filled the sink up and had a shave,I then emptied the hot water out.towards the end the basin made a bag noise and the basin had a crack from the waste to the outer edge of the basin,has the Crome nut under the basin been tightened to much,so when the hot water ran out it expanded the basin and cracked the sink ??

Plumberpro : Hi . I will try to help
Plumberpro : Are you installing the basin yoursel?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I had the basin installed by a plumber
Have you asked the plumber to come back to replace it ?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Said it was not his fault
How long had it been installed before it cracked?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Wife Used basin for about 3/4 days
Only warm water,I was the one that fill basin with first lot of hot water
Well . A basin shouldn't crack like that . Sounds like the basin waste nut was over tightened. This may have produced a hairline crack , waiting for some hot water. It is easy to do and every plumber has done it at one time in his career. The only decent thing is for the plumber to come back . Who bought the basin?
If the plumber bought the basin from his usual supplier he may be able to take it back. If you bought it yourself it will be harder. But in reality a plumber relies on his reputation.If I have answered your question , please can you give a positive response. If you have further question then please post them . Thank youn
Would just add that it is hard to prove that the crack was or wasn't there already .
Hi . If you have no further questions could you please give a positive response, thank you
Hello . Could you please give a positive response, thank you
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