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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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ive lost hot water and heating. I have noticed that the pressure

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i've lost hot water and heating. I have noticed that the pressure bar dial is at 0, and the marker is at 10. How do I increase the pressure?

XXXXX XXXXX : Do you have a silver flexible pipe attached to the pipework under the boiler?

Hello Andrew, yes there is one. PS sorry, I said that the marker is at 10 - it's actually at 2.

XXXXX XXXXX : Does it have a valve at each end?

yes it does

XXXXX XXXXX : Ok, open one by using the lever or a screwdriver so the slot or handle is in line with the pipe

can i send you a photo of it? I am not quite sure what to do

XXXXX XXXXX : Of course,, try attaching it

Full Size Image

XXXXX XXXXX : Ok, that one is off as the slot of the valve is across the pipe direction
XXXXX XXXXX : do you have one the other end also?

it's quite hard to access


I have to pull the pipe through the hole in the cupboard

XXXXX XXXXX : Can you get a screwdriver in the slot?

yes i can


I just unscrewed it a little bit and water started to appear

XXXXX XXXXX : Does it look like the one in the picture?


XXXXX XXXXX : That sounds like a non return valve
XXXXX XXXXX : what happens if you turn the one in the picture?

the same happens - a bit of water appears

XXXXX XXXXX : ok, can you leave one open and turn the other on slowly?
XXXXX XXXXX : water should fill the sytem
XXXXX XXXXX : take it back up to 1.5bar and then turn them both off again

the bar is slowly increasing

XXXXX XXXXX : good, leave it to do it slowly as I do not trust the valves if they drip
XXXXX XXXXX : turn off at 1.5 bar



going well so far!


it's at 1.9

XXXXX XXXXX : Turn off now!
XXXXX XXXXX : Just up to 1.5bar

i have turned them off

XXXXX XXXXX : ok, your boiler should work now

i can hear trying to do something, but the flame isn't igniting

XXXXX XXXXX : do you need to reset the boiler?

how do i do that?


just turn it off at the mains?

XXXXX XXXXX : You should have knob with a reset position or a reset button
XXXXX XXXXX : press or turn and hold for at least 6 seconds and release

there's a red button. I've tried a couple of times but with no luck

XXXXX XXXXX : Any flashing lights on the boiler?
XXXXX XXXXX : what is the make and model?

there is a green light indicating it's switched on


Its a Savio Caldaie 24S

XXXXX XXXXX : What happens when you run the hot tap?

I can hear something click, the boiler hums, but no flame.

XXXXX XXXXX : Can you confirm the gas is still on?

how do i do that?

XXXXX XXXXX : Has it been turned off that you know of?

not that i know of. It was working fine yesterday.

XXXXX XXXXX : you have got the pressure back up, well done.
XXXXX XXXXX : i do not know what else is wrong?
XXXXX XXXXX : you may have to get someone to look at the other problem

okay. thanks for your help.

XXXXX XXXXX : No problem
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