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I need to route a hot and cold water supply from one ground

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I need to route a hot and cold water supply from one ground floor room (kitchen) to another part of the ground floor but the route will involve going to ceiling level and then down again.
The cold water supply is at mains pressure; the hot water supply pressure comes from header tank in loft.

How do I avoid any air lock problems.

Plumberpro : Hello . I can help . Are there floor boards on the first floor ?
Plumberpro : Is the room to where you need the supply a part of the house or an extension?

Yes - There are floorboards but I plan to access the ceiling void from below as the ceilings are being replaced.

Plumberpro : Can you not go under the floor ?

The room to be accessed is at front of house and kitchen is at rear- separated by passageway


Not readily as its concrete floor. Chosen route is based on fact that ceilings are being replaced.

Plumberpro : If you go up to ceiling height and then down you are building into the system an airlock . If you can find a way to avoid this I would do it . Once the air is removed it should run ok , but there could be issues with it . Is the passage way concrete?

Yes passageway and all ground floor rooms are concrete floors.


Can I build some sort of bleed outlet at highest point. Are such items available from plumbing shops

Plumberpro : I would recommend connecting into the hot upstairs and running it over to where you need it and down . It will save headaches in the long run . The mains cold would be fine doing it the way you said. You could put a bleed in , but they leak in the end or cease up and then how are you going to change it . Why don't you want to lift the floorboards upstairs, you would only have to take up a couple especially if you use plastic pipe ?
Plumberpro : It would be worth lifting a couple upstairs first or I even cutting a small access in upstairs floor to see if you would be able to run it easily.

Sorry was called away. No problem with taking floor boards up upstairs. I shall certainly further explore that option. Thanks for your advice

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