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Hi, Im just feeling a bit nervous as I know nothing about

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Hi, I'm just feeling a bit nervous as I know nothing about plumbing and I don't want to be taken for a ride. I have a plumber mending my boiler but there seems to be one thing after another that needs to be replaced. The original quote was because my heating stopped working but I still had hot water and I was told a switch was sticking (differentiator??). At that time I was told the pump was overheating and needed to be replaced too and some pipe work replacing. Once work began they noticed the pump which removes condensation was dripping and might need replacing but we agreed to observe as lots of surface water as raining (boiler in cellar). Having done the repairs when doing safety checks I was then told that the pressures were too high and whatever absorbs the expansion from the hot water is now broken (the pressures were ok before we started) and that has to be replaced.
Would you be able to tell me if that sounds fair enough?. In my head I'm rationalizing that if the pumps working better maybe that's why there's more pressure??
Also, instead of taking the whole boiler off they're suggesting a separate canister type adaption to deal with the pressure which leads off the boiler. Is this common practice?
Sorry if sound paranoid, thanks for taking the time to read this, KSL

Plumberpro : Hi. It's sounds as if they had no clue what was wrong and just replaced one part after another till they got the right one . The last thing they are talking about replacing is the expansion vessel . If it has gone , then often it is often easier to install an external one somewhere else on the system . . Ask to see their gas safe card, and check it's their photo . Take down the name and number. If they haven't gift one refuse to pay until they show it to you. Gas safe prosecute illegal gas workers who are not qualified.
Plumberpro : Also , insist on a detailed report of what parts were changed and why?
Plumberpro : hope this helps. If you need more help , get back to me. 0800(NNN) NNN-NNNNthis is gas safes number, they took over from corgi.
Plumberpro : I

hi, thank you. It is an expansion vessel.... thats reassuring that its normal to put in just wasn't sure you were supposed to add things to the circuit: and then replacement of pump and actuator. Will check again registered etc with gas safe. Just wanted to make sure wasn't anything wildly out of the ordinary Thanks for the help

Plumberpro : Your welcome.
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