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We have a wall mounted Aqualisa Quartz Electric shower, over

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We have a wall mounted Aqualisa Quartz Electric shower, over the last couple of days when used water pours down the wall from the casing at about the same rate as the discharge from the shower rose. What is the likely cause & how can I repair the fault?

Plumberpro : Hi. I how old is the shower
Plumberpro : Hello . Do you know if it is the pumped version fed from tanks or the high pressure version fed from a combi boiler /high pressure unvented system ?
Plumberpro : Hi . Sorry . Just re read your question , and I take it that you have a wall mounted unit .

It is about two years old, I think it is off a combi boiler located in a cupboard directly behind the shower. Yes it is a wall mounted unit.

Plumberpro : would you know the exact model?

I think it is an 8.5kW code QZE9521 (white & chrome finish - not that this is important)

Plumberpro : Ok . Thanks . The case will come of these,quite easily . There are a couple of on the top and bottom . Just isolate the electrical power first, turning off at the fuse box. Once the case is off see if you can see where the water is coming from. It could be a washer or seal has gone or the heater can has split.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX concerned that a plastic componant may have split or a copper pipe pinholed. I assume isolating the electricity will only turn off the heating element (& save my life) so I can run the cold water to see where the leak is?

Plumberpro : That's right

Thanks again, looks like an early morning Saturday job to keep the wife happy (that will be a first).

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