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Water going from sink pipe into shower stall how can I fix

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Water going from sink pipe into shower stall how can I fix it

Plumberpro : Hello . Can you see where the pipe work goes? Does the waste water pipe go outside?
Plumberpro : You have a blockage somewhere in your watse pipe work system

What next to do

Plumberpro : We'll your waste pipe must be blocked after the shower . The first thing to do is see if there are any rod ding eyes on the pipe work, put in to clear blockages. Are you in a house or flat?
Plumberpro : And what floor is the bathroom on?

The problem did not occur when having a shower but cleaning my bathroom sink (I live in a bungalow the pipes go outside)

Plumberpro : Yes, but , is the water coming up in the sink waste hole?
Plumberpro : Sorry, I meant the shower waste hole?

No into the shower

Plumberpro : ok . The thing to do first is to check outside. Find out where the pipe comes out through the wall of the house . Is there a access cap that can be removed ? Does the waste water usually empty into a gulley ? Is this blocked?
Plumberpro : Are you able to check this ?

Just looked outside no cap outside pipe does not looked blocked could l pour a pipe cleaning product down my sink and shower?

Plumberpro : If you pour it down the sink it is going to come up in the shower . The blockage is after the shower . Do you have a plunger?

Tryed plunger at the sink does not work

Plumberpro : No it won't, because the force will come out of the shower. Can I just say firstly that blockages are not always simple to clear and can take a variety of ways to clear . If you have someone to help you , I would get them to put the plug in the sink , hold it down tight and at the same time block the overfill with a wet flannel , and then plunge the shower, . Putting drain unblockers is always a last resort , . This should be tried first. Do you want to try this and come back to me ?

At present time l ame by myself but will try this later thanks for your help

Plumberpro : Iif you need to come back for more help ,please do . All the best , Toby
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