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Hi. I have one of your florida showers installed, but the unit

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Hi. I have one of your florida showers installed, but the unit is only putting out hot water now.
Im guessing there is a problem with the thermostat and wanted to ask if you think it could be anything else?
It is model 53-553584, not sure how long its been install

Plumberpro : Hi . Just looking up the model .
Plumberpro : hi . It could be a problem with the thermostat , but make sure that the temperature knob is actually turning and not just spinning. With power off , remove the cover( screws top and bottom) and check the temp selector turns and is not stuck or the inside of the knob itself isn't so worn that it is not gripping the inner parts.
Plumberpro : Hi. Check there is not a reduced flow through the shower. De scale shower head and make sure you have a full flow through the shower . There is usually a filter on the water pipe as it enters the unit. Also the heater can could be scaled inside limiting the flow. I have checked your model again and it has no thermostat as such, only an overheat cut out. This means the temperature is all controled by the flow rate through the shower , so could also be a problem with the flow control valve . I would recommend replacement , but if after checking the filter , descaling , replace flow control.
Plumberpro : Hi. Also .remove the shower head from the hose and see if the temperature changes to cold , this will tell you if the shower head is the problem

Hi cheers for


For the info. I have check the knob is working and checked with out the head, this makes no difference.

Plumberpro : Hope that helped . Do you have any more questions?

I'll check the flow today, if this doesnt do anything ill just replace the unit. Cheer for the help no more questions. Take care

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