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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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hi my toilet base is leaking, but the out let for the toilet

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my toilet base is leaking, but the out let for the toilet is not under the base its is to the rear and straight out of the wall, the pipe that is to the rear of the toilet is as dry as a bone, but i get small pools of water, this water is clean can you help please

***** ***** : is it leaking all the time or just when flushed?
***** ***** : is the water level dropping in the cistern or the pan?

its not leaking all the time, nor is it imeadiatley afte i flush, but i find small pools of water around the base, the water level does not appear to have dropped, as i mentioned the pipe for the waste goes to the back of the toilet, not under the base, i find this quiet strange.

***** ***** : So it could be leaking from the cistern, or from the cold water balltap connection
***** ***** : Are you able to dry the area completely and then place some toilet paper on the floor underneath?
***** ***** : Any of the first drips will be seen on the paper directly below where the water has dripped from
***** ***** : Pooling water does not necess
***** ***** : necessarily sit where it has dripped from

your first comments, went straight over my head, sorry single mum! the pipe that goes out side is dry, the tank is dry but very cold. i will go now and dry the area as you have suggested

***** ***** : No problem, I was just trying to work out if it was leaking all the time or just when flushed, it then takes us in different directions

thanks, ***** ***** just been and checked the area, the front of the base is as dry as a bone, but the tank was wet to touch and the rear of the base wet. i have dried it and placed paper all around the area, sould i flush it to see what happens?

***** ***** : yes you can do, but if there
***** ***** : the area is wet when it had
***** ***** : has been sat overnight, then it will not be a flush problem

ill go flush and report back, thank you


gosh you are clever, i have just flushed and the rear toliet paper is very splashed, although when i touch the pipes they are not wet

***** ***** : ok, is it coming from the splash or from the joint between the cistern and the pan?

oh, dont know, i will try again and report back whilst i watch i bit more closely


the water is definatley coming from the tank


i think that means its coming from where the tank joins the toilet


i take it i have used my questions allowed


well at least i know where the leak is coming from, but dont know how to sort it


if you are still on line i really would appreciate knowing how to solve this problem thank you

***** ***** : Sorry, the rubbish football is on!
***** ***** : You need a new 'donut' washer fitted
***** ***** : You need to take the cistern off to do this, probably a job for someone with tools and experience
***** ***** :

thank you very much, i have a very good dad, that will be able to help. enjoy the football. thank you again

***** ***** : no problem
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