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Aqualisa Mach 130 has just stopped working? No reason - is

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Aqualisa Mach 130 has just stopped working? No reason - is pump in need of changing

Plumberpro : Hi . Can you access the pump
Customer: Yes it's in the loft
Customer: Pumps seems to kick in when I turn the shower to cold but as soon as it gets near the hot it goes off
Plumberpro : Will it run continuously on just cold!?
Customer: Yes
Plumberpro : If you just run hot , what happens?
Customer: Nothing - no water comes out at all and pump goes off
Plumberpro : There are magnetic flow switches on the pump, hot and cold side. The hot one could have gone. To test this you can switch the flow switches around then . See if the hit will run . Are you able to do this?
Plumberpro : They are black clip on plastic switches
Customer: What do they look like? Can I order a replacement part
Plumberpro : Yes replacements can be ordered.
Plumberpro : Parts lists is here
Plumberpro : It's number 9 on the diagram
Customer: Are they easy to fit?
Plumberpro : Yes really easy. Usually they just clip on , might be held on by cable ties supplied in kit .
Customer: Thank you for your help
Plumberpro : Your welcome. .
Plumberpro : Hi . Please could you give a positive rating if happy with the annswers you recieved, thank you . Toby
Plumberpro : Hi. Could you please give a positive rating if happy with your answer before the question times out , thank you
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