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I have a biasi riva m90e.32s boiler the ignition light keeps

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I have a biasi riva m90e.32s boiler the ignition light keeps coming on and needs to be reset it has also just been serviced but was doing the same beforehand

Plumberpro : Hi . I will try to help . Does the hot water and heating work , once you've rest it



everything works fine


but occasionally the orange light flashes next to the reset button and nothing works but as soon as you press the reset button everything is fine again

Plumberpro : Hi . It sounds like one of the components is going to fault. Is there any particular time that you have noticed it happens , ie, hot water on for a long period ?
Plumberpro : The flashing light is a lock out indicator
Plumberpro : Hi . Are you still there?

No usually overnight but it has happened when someone is in the shower

Plumberpro : Is the pressure ok ?

yes thats fine

Plumberpro : Ie , the gauge on the boiler i. Is it over 1.2 bar?
Plumberpro : Hi .

yes i have it at about 2bar


By looking at the manual it sounds like it isQuote Lack of burner ignition (noignition signalfrom the full sequence ignition device)

Plumberpro : the problem with an intermittent fault like this is that if you call out an engineer he may end up replacing most of the parts before they find out what one it is . This happens all too many times . British gas will tell you that they don't diagnose intermittent faults but wait for it to go fully. Then they replace it . Burner ignition fault would indicate the flame rectification probe is faulty . And needs replacing. This and the temperature sensors would be the cheapest route to start .

so there is nothing i can do except starting to replace things then#

Plumberpro : No. Unfortunately not . If it was my boiler I would reset until the part fails completely , otherwise you are going to call someone out who is going to scratch his head and just start replacing parts .
Plumberpro : But if I would replace the probe and temperature sensors to start . These are a common fault on biasi boilers . I used to carry spares with me
Plumberpro : A good engineer would know how to test them to make sure they are in the normal range of ohms
Plumberpro : Unless you are able to do this yoursel?
Plumberpro : Hi. Do have anymore questions
Plumberpro : I am sorry I didn't have a simple solution for you but boiler faults aren't always simple, Toby

ok thanks

Plumberpro : Good luck with it . If you need help with it later then you can always come back , Toby
Plumberpro : Hi . If you are happy with the help I gave could you please rate my answers, thank you , Toby
Plumberpro : Hi . Could you please rate my answer thank you very much , Toby
Plumberpro : .
Plumberpro : Hi . Would you mind please rating my answer , thank you , Toby
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