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Hi i have to flush toilet to start hot water in GROHE power

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Hi i have to flush toilet to start hot water in GROHE power shower what can i do?
Plumberpro : Hi . Son. If you turn just the shower valve , nothing happens?
Plumberpro : Is it a new installation?
Plumberpro : Hi . Is it a pumped system? Is everything on the pump , if it is or just the shower?

when i turn on shower on cold water runs and than i flush toilet to start hot water


no it isnt new it about 5 years there


yes it is pumped system all with pump

Plumberpro : Hi . Is it a thermostatic shower?
Plumberpro : Hi. It sounds like a problem with the pump . Do you know what model of pump it is ? And does it have a metal canister attached to it, (negative head! )
Plumberpro : The pumps have flow switches on them . Sounds like there is a fault on the hot side of the pump. . Depending on the model , they can be easy to fit and to order online
Plumberpro : Are you around to chat this evening . If you set a time I will try to be available then so we can chat , Thanks , Toby

hi i am able to chat toomarrow morning at around 7-30

Plumberpro : Ok
Plumberpro : Hi . If you are happy with your answers could you please give a positive response , thank you , Toby. . If you need further help then please continue . Thanks
Plumberpro : Could you please kindly rate your answer please, Thank You

hi im sorry just didnt had chance to answer you. so in this system there is two pumps one big and one small and 1/2 inch pipes are going to power shower from the big pup wich is sitting on floor.


there are the pump details SHIRES heavy duty shower pump Model315550500

Plumberpro : Hi . I can't find that model of pump anywhere. Even on the web. However they all work in much the same way . As the water runs through , upon opening a tap or shower etc, the flow switch operates and as long as there is enough flow through the tap the pump will operate. It seems your hot water flow switch is faulty or the filter into the pump is blocked . If you can confirm your brand of pump I will try to locate the part for you

as i wrote earlier thats all info is there on pump and some phone numbers thats all. maybe need for stronger pump???

Plumberpro : Hi. If it has been working ok Upto now , then the same size pump should be fine , but it is the bar rating that is important. Usually stickered on the pump , ie , 1.5 bar . But the higher the pump bar rating the better the shower experience. Stuart turner tend to have the best reputation for pumps
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