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I have a R40 HE Plus combi boiler which will not get up to

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I have a R40 HE Plus combi boiler which will not get up to temperature either on hot water or heating. It ignites for a few seconds, then switches off, then re-ignites. It does this a few times before tripping out with a fault code EA displayed. Any ideas what I can try ?
Plumberpro : Hi . What is your boiler make
Plumberpro : Is it a worcester?
Plumberpro : Hi . EA is flame not detected .
Customer: Yes. It's. Worcester Bosch Greenstar R40 HE Plu Combi
Plumberpro : Ok. EA is flame not detected . Just need to check the obvious . Do you have gas to the boiler .?
Customer: It keeps switching off, then igniting again for a couple of times before tripping out with fault code EA
Customer: Yes. Gas is fine, no air locks anywhere either.
Plumberpro : Ok . Your problem is that the boiler is firing but the flame detection probe is not sensing the flame . This is called the flame rectification probe, it is easy enough to replace . Replace this and you should be fine . If happy with your answer could you please give a positive response , thanks. Toby
Plumberpro : The probes sit in the flame and wear out after a while
Plumberpro : Hello. Are you still there?
Plumberpro : Hi . If you want to fit the part and then rate me , that's fine . All the best . If you have any further questions , please don't hesitate to ask , thanks. Toby
Plumberpro : Hii. Could you kindly please rate your answer please, Thank You

I replaced the electrode set but it didn't make any difference. I've spoken to Worcester Bosch Technical Help but they seemed to think it is an ignition problem but the gas supply is OK, the flue is clear and in good condition so I don't know what to do. They have suggested changing the fan and perhaps the PCB but having spent £250 so far, the prospect of spending another £400 in the hope it will work isn't too appealing. I guess I'm disappointed that no-one can diagnose the problem

Plumberpro : Hi . Check the condensate trap isn't blocked. If that's clear then you may be looking at a PCB fault.
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