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I have a Biasi Riva advanced HE and for the last couple of

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I have a Biasi Riva advanced HE and for the last couple of days it has been making very loud noises in the evenings - the heating isn't on and neither is the hot water. Even when I switch off the electric power it continues. The only way it stops is to run the hot water for a while. Naturally enough these things only tend to get worse if not addressed. The flashing lights are working correctly. Any ideas please.
Many thanks,
Plumberpro :

Hi. If it does it with the power off it must be something to do with water pressure. Water pressure tends to go up in the evenings and night when demand for water is low . it may be that the water board have upgraded a main . I would suggest putting in a water pressure reducing valve on the cold main coming into the boiler .to stop in he water going over 3 bar . they are all preset at this and easy enough to fit


That seems quite logical - I have turned down the water stopcock from the mains and will see how it is this evening (happened about 18.15 both times). The pressure dial does not go up infact it was 1.5 and I repressurised it up to just over 2 but it has gone back again to 1.5 bar - is this the same thing? Presumably this evening the water pressure should now be lower. If it doesn't make any difference could there be any other cause? Many thanks, Wendy

Plumberpro :

The pressure dial on the boiler only shows the pressure of the primary water ( radiators and internal boiler). Turning the stopcock down may not stop the pressure creeping up but worth a try . you would be better turning off the stopcock tight in the evening and seeing if this stop the noise


Thank you very much

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