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I think there is a simple solution here but just moved in and

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I think there is a simple solution here but just moved in and trying to figure out how megaflow systems work. The pressure gauge shows 0.5 bar which is why I think the boiler is not kicking in and the primaflow pump attached to the system is constantly whirring and on (trying to pump water around the system maybe?). How do I increase the pressure so the boiler works and the pump stops whirring?! I know how to reduce pressure but not increase it! Thanks, Diya
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.

Plumberpro :
hi. your gauge should read 1.5 to fill the primary water which includes the boiler and radiators. there should be a flexible hose somewhere, usually by the gauge with a couple of taps.these may be plastic. they should both(if theres two) be opened and allowed to fill till required pressure on gauge is reached). the pump will be running if the programmer is on. to turn pump off turn the programmer off. however the pump may be a hot water circulating pump (if yellow/gold usually) and this brings the hot water quicker to the taps.if it is it should have a seperate switch/timer. but for now the first thing is to increase the pressure.
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