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Biasi Garda plus HE wont fire up -no HW or CH Boiler light

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Biasi Garda plus HE wont fire up -no HW or CH
Boiler light indicates an absence of flow however water is on and running through the system -any ideas?
Plumberpro :

Hi . does it make any sounds as though it tries to start up?

Plumberpro :

Is, does the fan run?

Plumberpro :

There a quite a few things it could be at this stage. , internal fuse, overheat stat , PCB , fan . need to work through them

Plumberpro :

If the pump isn't running then could be flow switch isn't operating ,check to see if the pump is running

Customer: Does try to start up -some noise is there but pump is nt running
Plumberpro :

Ok .if the pump didn't run the flow switch won't operate and you'll get a no flow fault . can you check to see if you have power to the pump ?

Customer: Faulty primary circuit now indicated
Plumberpro :

Yes , it is going to be pump or flow switch . do you have a voltage tester or multi Meter? What pressure do you have?

Customer: Volt tester shows no power to pump!
Plumberpro :

Ok . check the internal fuses,

Plumberpro :

Also if there is an overheat stat that need resetting ,press in type

Plumberpro :

If pump has gone ,short circuited it could have blown the fuse

Customer: Fuses are good, dont see an overheat stat
Plumberpro :

It will definitely have one . but sounds like the pump

Plumberpro :

One thing you could try is bypass the pump by try to operate the flow switch by hand and see if boiler tries to fire , ypthis would confirm its the pump

Customer: Think we found the overheat stat and reset. Now have hot water! Going to try the CH now. Boiler light now indicates operating normally
Customer: Ll
Plumberpro :

Ok . it could have overheated for a reason . either. The temperature sensors for heating and hot water could be faulty or the domestic heat exchanger could be blocked

Customer: Central heating not call for heat
Plumberpro :

Did you mean the central heating iusnt working ?

Customer: Yes the central heating is not working
Plumberpro :

Hi. I've got to go and look at a job be back at 4. Check the diverter head is operating .takeof f head and check for movement

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