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My boiler biasi 24sm/c2 serial no: N061871207 gC no:(###) ###-#### Not

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My boiler
biasi 24sm/c2
serial no: N061871207
gC no:(###) ###-####
Not giving hot water, seems it not firing up inside?
***** ***** : Can you confirmt he heating is ok?
***** ***** : Can you turn off the boiler and put your ear against the case, and tell me if you hear a click inside when you run the hot tap?
***** ***** : Has this been getting gradually worse?
Customer: No heating isn't working as well
Customer: I might have here a click not too sure
Customer: Not being worse
Customer: On front panel under the flap, on left side there three lights, first on is green steady, 2nd one red flashing n 3rd one green flashing
***** ***** : What is the pressure gauge reading?
Customer: 20degre c
Customer: bar1.01
Customer: When tap on/ heating on 1st light flashing green, 2nd light flashing red n 3rd light green steady
***** ***** : ok, it just sounds like it is failing to light
***** ***** : It could be something as simple as dirty electrodes
***** ***** : When was the last time it was serviced?
Customer: Ok so how to clean it or fix it?
***** ***** : Do you want to do it yourself?
Customer: I can give a try I have opened the front of the boiler
***** ***** :
***** ***** : Download it and save it for future reference
***** ***** : Page 1 shows the inside of the boiler and the ignition leads
***** ***** : These will need cleaning with Scotchbrite or similar
Customer: So I just need to clean electrodes, right?
***** ***** : Yes, then obonseve the spark - it needs to be nice and white hot
***** ***** : *observe
Customer: The white part is nice n white, it some dirty water was on tray just beneath three white tube looking part
***** ***** : is the spark white hot?
Customer: Yes but still no ignition or no sparking fire inside
***** ***** : is the fan running?
Customer: Yes
Customer: but when ever I am turning the boiler on the 2 nd light shows up as red n it keeps flashing while trying to heating on or tap on
***** ***** : ok, the fan runs but it sounds like the boiler dows not know the fan is running, this is why you are getting a flashing light.
***** ***** : The APS tells the boiler that the fan is running, this lloks like it is your faulty part
Customer: Ok thanks for your try
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