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Hello I have a BIASI combi boiler - I have a leak in radiator

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Hello I have a BIASI combi boiler - I have a leak in radiator system which means that water pressure in the rad system is at zero bar. Should this affect hot water as well. When I turn on hot water tap the normal operating lights turn on and I can hear water flowing through the boiler but no hot water.
***** ***** : The boiler will not attempt to light if the pressure is below the minimum safe working pressure
***** ***** : You will need at least 1 bar

Even if it's just for hot water? So I just need to stop the leak and refill the system?

***** ***** : if you refill the system, how long does it hold?

Not very long. I'm having some renovations done and I can see the water coming out from a pipe which was one connected to a radiator. Water is leaking out of the bottom of a valve, so I guess I just need to get this properly capped off?

***** ***** : Yes, but also make sure you are not losing it from the PRV (the safety discharge)
***** ***** : The boiler will not work until the leak is sorted or you continually top up the syatem

Where is the PRV generally located?

***** ***** : inside the boiler
***** ***** : a 15mm copper pie that exits the wall about 3 ft below the flue outside
***** ***** : *pipe

ahh - OK, I noticed water from an exit pipe near the flue pouring out the other day. I assumed it was coming from the overflow pipe of the water tank in the loft. Will water just pour out every time I attempt to fill up the system?

***** ***** : Yes, It should be able to hold 3 bar, but weakens over time.
***** ***** : If you replace this then it will hold 3 bar agin

OK - I'm having a new boiler installed before Christmas so if I just keep on topping up the system till then do you reckon I should be able to get by?

***** ***** : Yes, but you will have to top it more and more often

that's OK - I can live with that in the short term. will this damage the already crappy boiler I have?

***** ***** : no, it has safety interlocks, this is why you cant use it when the pressure drops
***** ***** : Fit a Worcester......

Absolutely will... I did in my last place and it was great. Many thanks for your help.

***** ***** : No problem
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