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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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Hi, We have recently had a Bathstore euro mono toilet installed

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We have recently had a Bathstore euro mono toilet installed to replace an old one. However we didn't realise that the flush size for the Bathstore concealed cistern has changed. The old flush is approx 7cm in diameter whereas the new one is much smaller. Therefore we now have a hole in the unit. The plumber is quoting 380 to buy a cistern to fit which seems extortionate. Any cheap suggestions to solve this please so that it still looks good?
Thank you!
***** ***** : Are you looking at replacing the cistern

Hi Andrew,


Hi Andrew, well that is one possible solution and then we might ebay the new one that doesn't fit. The one we just purchased is £72 from bathstore and a local plumber is quoting 380 for a new one to fit!! If I could be sure that I could buy the right one myself for a reasonable price that would be fine. Thanks, Rachel

***** ***** : Let me get this right;
***** ***** : You need to replace the siphon but the outlet from the new siphon (through the cistern) is much smaller?
***** ***** : If this is concealed is it not a plastic cistern?
***** ***** : Can you not replace the siphon with an older type?
***** ***** : Is there a name on the old one?

I believe what you are describing is exactly right. Yes the new siphon and flush button is much smaller (so it's installed but hanging in the hole in the unit). It is a plastic cistern. Bathstore no longer have the older type. On the old tank it just says Dudley as far as I can see. The old one is what Bathstore would have been selling 7 years ago. The new one is their "bathstore dual concealed cistern poly jacket top access 400x357x160" . It works correctly apart from the siphon/flush size issue. Thanks

***** ***** : Try this - it has a 2" to 1.5" adaptor;
***** ***** :

Thanks Andrew, I will take a look

***** ***** : How did you get on?
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