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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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my biasi boiler has stopped working. tere are 3 lights on the

panel left one is fully... Show More
panel left one is fully lit (green, middle one is flashing red, and right side one is off. think I need an engineer.
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***** ***** : What is the pressure gauge reading?
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

it was just below 1 when I first was aware of [problem but I let some water in and it is about 1.25 now

***** ***** : Had it tripped when the pressure was low?
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

I think so but not sure, usually it just stops if low pressure and restarts when pressure increased but this red light new

***** ***** : Can you turn the knob to the reset poisition and hold it there for over 5 seconds and then turn it back to heating
***** ***** : Let me know what the boiler does
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

there is a lock out rest button that I have pressed and now the light that was red is off but the lock out reset light is on and repeatedly pressing it makes the other lights go thru various phases but the lock out light is red and boiler not resetting

***** ***** : Is the fan starting when you press the reset?
***** ***** : It sounds like the APS may be stuck so the boiler is not resetting
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :


JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

whats APS

***** ***** : I will show you where if you can give me the GC no. of the appliance
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :


***** ***** : ok Riva Compact
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :


***** ***** :
***** ***** : Just confirm the lights that are on please
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

left hand one of the 3 is green (not flashing)

JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

the lock out light is red and flashing

***** ***** : on constant?
***** ***** : so left hand one on constant and the right one flashing?
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

green is constant the lock out one which is separate fro the (next to rest ) is red flashing

***** ***** : so - on, off, flashing from left to right?
***** ***** : is the reset light coming on also?
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

of the 3 lights now the left one is constant green the middle and rt are off . the lock out light next to reset button is flashing red

***** ***** : ok ,not so serious - it just sounds like it is failing to light.
***** ***** : A service should cure this easily unless you want to try and clean the insides yourself?
JACUSTOMER-rucyx0o4- :

no I'll leave that.

Ok at least you know how to solve this