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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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I have no water flowing from my hot taps . Work to insulate

Customer Question

I have no water flowing from my hot taps
. Work to insulate loft and piping has been
completed recently and I was wondering if
this may have something to do with problem?
Also, can I still use shower? Thanks.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : If it is an electric shower - ten yes
***** ***** : *then
***** ***** : You may find that the supply to your hot water tank in the loft has been turned off
***** ***** : Is this something you can get to and check?
JACUSTOMER-fmpt4pio- : No water has been turned off.
JACUSTOMER-fmpt4pio- : Tank in loft is about there quarters full.
***** ***** : Perhaps they have truned a valve off from the tank?
***** ***** : one that feeds the cylinder
***** ***** : it will be in the airing cupboard
JACUSTOMER-fmpt4pio- : I am pretty sure that nothing was turned off. No need
JACUSTOMER-fmpt4pio- : as they were only insulating. I did notice
***** ***** : They may have dropped some insulation in the tank that has blocked the water outlet?
JACUSTOMER-fmpt4pio- : that the overflow pipe is not connected
***** ***** : That is not very good of them, perhaps you need to call them back to sort it