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Purchased new build house in 2006 however even after adjustments

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Purchased new build house in 2006 however even after adjustments were made by reputable pumbers which included checking drainage outside the toilets do not cope with waste and block fairly frequently.I do not rember ever having problems in any other of the older properties I lived in with older style toilets. Problem not resolved still Janet
Plumberpro :


Plumberpro :

Hi . do you still have the same original toilets ?

Plumberpro :

Do the toilets only , block . is it just the pan or further down . how about bath and sinks?

Customer: It is the toilets not baths or sinks the blockage is the bottom of the pan the waist is gets stuck it appears as if the space is to narrow to flush wast clear. I still have Origonal toilers
Plumberpro :

I am wondering if there was a fault with the toilet pans . usually new builds use trade packs which arnt the best . I would have said maybe dona CTV scan of the waste pipe after the pan , but the issue may be worth the pans . toilet cisterns used to hold 9 litres for a flush , then it was dropped to 6 litres. Check the cistern level is at maximum.

Plumberpro :

The pan outlets are always 4 inch,(100 mm) . but sometimes the connector used to connect the pan to the pipe is the wrong gone .but vim sure the plumbers checked thuis

Plumberpro :

Check that no more than one pan connector is used , and if it is a flexible connector that is not squashed

Customer: The plummer replaced the fitting behind the pan which goes into the sewage system .he came out again since fiixing things due to blockage he also adjusted the ciston to maximum level But is has blocked!
Plumberpro :

Hi , if all has been checked then I would say that the toilet may need replacing . some are more prone to blocking than others . seems drastic , but get an ideal standard or that level of quality

Plumberpro :

I know its not cheap but I would replace the toilet. Some are prone to blockages more than others , and if everything has been checked

Customer: Thanks for your advise it may be that I need a replacement toiitet pan . I will discuss this with the plummer I don't see any other option
Plumberpro :

Your wekcome

Plumberpro :

Hi .could you please rate my answer , thanks

Customer: your answer seems sensible i am waiting to speak to the plummer to get his feed back in light of what you have said He like you is very experienced and if he can source a toilet pan with a spacific order and it will help it will be a god send
Plumberpro :

Ok . all the best with it , hope you have a lovely Christmas

Customer: I am waiting to hear from the Plummer and thaught you would be curious to find out what happens hawever I won't delay things any longer once you reply to this message I will give you a rating at ensure payment is made
Plumberpro :

Many Thanks . you are a rarity . have a lovely Christmas , and yes I am curious . Toby

Customer: Do you want me to rate you now .? But I won't be able to let you know what happens have a good Christmas and happy new year
Plumberpro :

If you wouldn't mind , that would be great as so many time out . even after you rate me you can still continue logging on and chatting

Customer: Ok I will rate you now
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