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I have a Biasi 24S and the pilot light has gone out how do

Customer Question

I have a Biasi 24S and the pilot light has gone out how do I relight it?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : How long does the boiler fire before you get the lockout button?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I'm not sure what you mean by 'fire'. When I switch the boiler on or when I turn the hot water two on the pilot light doesn't come on at all. It then takes 11 seconds for the lockout light to come on. If I press the reset button the pilot light does not come on, the lockout light goes out and then comes on again after 11 seconds.
***** ***** : Ok, does the fan run?
***** ***** : Can you hear the APS click?
***** ***** : Do you get a spark?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I can hear the fan running
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I hear a click a second or 2 after the fan starts (in also hear this when I press the reset button once the lockout light comes on)
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I do not see any spark at any time.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Can I use a lighter flint to ignite the pilot light? I have checked that my gas is working correctly. I'm guessing since there is no spark the pilot light won't light unless there is a manual solution like using a lighter or one of those cooker spark tools.
***** ***** : Unfortunately not
***** ***** : Your boiler does not know the fan is running or it would spark
***** ***** : The part that tells the boiler the fan is running is the air pressure switch
***** ***** : It is connected to the fan by clear tubing, you should ensure it is clean and coneected and also bothe ends it attaches to are clear
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Does this tubing have a name I can refer to in the mannual?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Is cleaning this tube something I can do myself or does it require an engineer?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I think I located the clear tubing, top left of boiler unit. It is not dirty at all.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Do you have any other suggestions/advice?
***** ***** : Can you ensure both ends are clear
***** ***** : Do it with the power off and clean out the fan end with some wire to ensure they are not blocked
***** ***** : Then put the power back on and see if the fan starts
***** ***** : Next the air pressure switch should click
***** ***** : Then the boiler should start sparking
***** ***** : How far does t get?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : When I checked the tubes more closely only 1 of them was connected to the fan. The other one was hanging loose. I connected it to the only connection available (see top tube in image). Although I am not sure that this has ever been connected. The rest of the tubing was all connected and it is clean. I pulled some out but there is no dirt to clean away.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : When I turn the boiler on the same sequence of events happens as I initially described.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : The fan comes on
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : there is a clicking sound
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : then nothing until the lockout light lights up after 11 seconds.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I wasn't able to attach the image. But hopefully you know what I am talking about.
***** ***** : Is the clicking the boiler sparking?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : There is no spark. Just a clicking sound. No spark. As before.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Should I have connected the second tube to the fan? It really didn't appear to have ever been connected?
***** ***** : Ok, is the clickin ound coming from the PCB, it could be just a sort on the ignition lead?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Is there anything else I can try?
***** ***** : Is it s regular tick?
***** ***** : 3 times a second?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : There is no tick. It is a click which sounds a second after I switch the boiler on. It also clicks about a second after I press the reset button (once the lock out indicator lights up)
***** ***** : Ok, that fast?
***** ***** : It will either be the fan not moving at all
***** ***** : Or the APS not resetting
***** ***** : Does the fan run?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : this conversation seems to be going nowhere. I am assuming there is nothing you can really help me with? And the alerts are not showing when you reply hence my delay in getting back to you.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Yes. The fan runs.
***** ***** : Ok, how long after the fan runs does the red light come on?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : 11 seconds
***** ***** : Ok, if the fan runs and it does not get to the ignition stage then you need to check your air pressure switch
***** ***** : Are you able to find the plastic tubing that comes from the fan?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Yes. I've checked that already. It's all clean. One of the two ends going to the fan was not connected (I don't think it ever was) I connected it. So the tubing is all connected. And is all clean.
***** ***** : You need to check that the tubing is clear and also the connections to the fan as they tend to block up
***** ***** : Try with a small paint brush
***** ***** : If you blow into the one that was connected very gently then see if you can make the APS click yourself
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Everything is clean. Nothing is blocked. I have checked this like you told me to 3 days ago. There is no change. The same sequence of events happens. The boiler is switched on, the fan comes on, there is a click about a second after that, no spark. Nothing. after 11 seconds the lockout lights up. I press the reset button. There is a click. No spark. The lockout light appears again after 11 seconds.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : What is the APS? How do I make it click myself?
***** ***** : The Air Pressure Switch
***** ***** : Blow lightly into the tube and see if it clicks itself
***** ***** : If it does then put a meter across the 2 connections and see if they make when you blow into it
***** ***** : If it does then you know the APS is ok and the faulty is probably with the PCB
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : This is all with the mains switch off, right?
***** ***** : Yes
***** ***** : Let me know if you get continuity through it
***** ***** : If not then swap it
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Ok. One minute. I'll check…
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I blew into the tube which was always connected. This caused a click to sound.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : So now what should I do?
***** ***** : So you know it makes a mechanical connection
***** ***** : We need to find out if it makes an electrical connection
***** ***** : Do you have a meter to check this while you blow into it?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : no
***** ***** : This needs to be the next check as it will prove it is the APS or the PCB
***** ***** : Quite a difference in price to replace
***** ***** : Perhaps you can borrow one?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : No. I don't think II will be able to.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : So is this basically a job for an engineer? There is nothing I can do myself to resolve this. Something needs replacing basically?
***** ***** : With the evidence presented, yes I think so
***** ***** : It does sound like the APS as I have seen this before
***** ***** : but it will set you back about £40 to find out if you do not have a meter, but it will cost you more than that for an engineer to swap it
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Is that an expensive job? Is it something you could do? Are you based in London?
***** ***** : Sorry - Nottinghasm
***** ***** : *Nottingham
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Ok. Well. Thank you for your help. Happy New Year.
***** ***** : This is the part;
***** ***** :
***** ***** : Don't be frightened about the price - it is shown as retail prices, but they may have one tomorrow
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I can't link off that. I see it's at
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : could you tell me what the product code is to search for please
***** ***** : 463479
***** ***** : If you can wait you can get it from anywhere
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : I found a local branch 5 minutes from my flat. I will email them. Please could you let me know what the product code is so I can let them know what you think needs replacing?
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : i need someone to fit it too! A trusted engineer.
JACUSTOMER-3e7eg5gs- : Anyway. Thank you. I'll contact these people and see what they say.
***** ***** : Manufacturer's part number BI1036102
***** ***** : Come back if you get stuck