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Andrew Smith
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, my Riva M296.24SM/C boiler isn't working. From what

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Hello, my Riva M296.24SM/C boiler isn't working. From what I can see, the pressure gauge won't go above 0, and I've manually refilled it four times today, butyl only get hot water for less than 30 seconds after doing this. Can I fix this myself, or will I need to call out a professional?
***** ***** : When you refill the system you need to check the 15mm discharge pipe outside to see if the water is leaking from there
***** ***** : The water is either being lost through the pipework on the system (but you would heve seen it by now)
***** ***** : or dripping out of the PRV
***** ***** : The PRV is supposed to hold 3 bar of pressure, but they get weak over time and need replacing

Ah, ok, thanks, ***** ***** need to get my landlord to get someone to fix it?

***** ***** : Yes, but if you can see it dripping to confirm this then he will be able to bring a part with him and fix it within 20 minutes

ok, well I can't see any dripping around the boiler, and we live in a flat, so I can't get to the outside pipe without disturbing the neighbours, but I'll advise them that we may need that part.


Thank You!

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