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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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I have a query about a problem with a Vailant boiler

Customer Question

I have a query about a problem with a Vailant boiler, central heating is under performing and filling loop does not seem to be working. A plumber has been engaged already so just need some general advice.

Do you think the problem with the filling loop is related to the CH problem?

Plumber is talking about trying a diverter valve.  Its 200 although he has offered to try it and put the old one back in if its not at fault.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : Are you having a problem with the heating, hot water or both?
***** ***** : If you hasve a problem with the filling loop them simply replace it - a very cheap and simple exchange
JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

The HW is fine, just CH

JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

Some of the Rads are hot, the ones closest to the boiler, and also one upstairs

JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

(ds bathroom, us bathroom, and ds dining room which is next to the boiler)

JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

I wondered if there was a blockage in the CH system somewhere

JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

after one of those rads

JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

the plumber is taking about a diverter valve, but I dont think its that

***** ***** : Ok, to prove the system is ok then turn off all rads a=except the furthest away and see iff the heat gets there?
***** ***** : I will be back online from now until about 10.30pm
JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

Andrew, thanks response. I will do this now. Is it OK to turn them all off at the TRVs

***** ***** : Yes, just leave them off except the furthest away
JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

Thanks. All turned off except the the two furthest away, which got hot, albeit a bit slowly, they are still heating up now

***** ***** : Ok, you should get your pump checked and your radiators balanced
***** ***** : something a plumber could do in a couple of hours
JACUSTOMER-8hb2s8z2- :

what about the filling loop, do you thin that is a separate problem?

***** ***** : The filling loop will be a separate fault, but just causes a problem when trying to fill the system