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Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith, Plumber
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I have a biasi mb110/32mbe no hot water or heating pump tested

Customer Question

I have a biasi mb110/32mbe no hot water or heating pump tested ok but no gas and the lockout light came on then I replaced the pcb the fan will operate but will not turn on the gas or ignition
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 3 years ago.
***** ***** : If the fan is running but getting no further then you should check the air pressure switch
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

were is the air pressure switch on this boiler as the exploded view I have don't say were it is and it a serviceable item ?

***** ***** : Is it the Garda Plus?
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :


***** ***** : Ok, you have a fanned gas model
***** ***** : let me just do some digging
***** ***** : Can you take the case off and look through the viewing window and see if it is sparking?
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

yep it is fanned

JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

it is all dismantled can not see inside of window I take it off and have a look

***** ***** : Ok, we need to know if it is sparking?
***** ***** : you could try taking off the ignition lead and see if it sparks against the case
***** ***** : HOLD IT CAREFULLY
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

ok I will I know what ht leads are

***** ***** : Page 57 of the manual shows how to clean the electrodes
***** ***** :
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

no spark from the coil

***** ***** : Any warning lights before the failure?
***** ***** : perhaps the fan speed is not fast enough?
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

it fast

JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

all I have is a light on the left that powers up then after a few seconds shuts down with the lock out light fan will run even if all other switches are off

JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

on the old pcb the left led just flashed nothing else

***** ***** : Where did the PCB come from?
***** ***** : is it a refurbished one?
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

brand new

***** ***** : Ok?
***** ***** : strange as the flash just makes it sound like an ignition fault on the old PCB
***** ***** : i do not know what is wrong with the new one it does not make sense
***** ***** : i can see if anyone else can help?
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

ok well old pcb was fried

***** ***** : Ok, better if I was stood in front of it with a meter
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

I just took out the new pcb and took a closer look at it and it is suspect it is not a new unit on very close inspection the rest switch replaced the hot water setter has been replaced and 3 resistors aswell I get back to the suppler for this

JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

anyway thank you for your help

***** ***** : No problem, come back if you need me again
JACUSTOMER-8l3v34al- :

ok will do

***** ***** : I hope you get sorted