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My hot water seems to be on all the time, even though turned

Customer Question

My hot water seems to be on all the time, even though turned off at the central heating/hot water controls (potterton controls). The pipes to the insulated tank (I have old style boiler/system) always are hot or warm.
The central heating pump (0nly a year or so old - wilo model) also makes a loud whirring/groaning/whining sound when ever the central heating is on.
Not sure if both related or separate issues, but would like an idea of what could be the causes and an idea of costs involved to resolve.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Plumberpro replied 3 years ago.

Hi , do you have a cylinder stat?



JACUSTOMER-gxkrhhgm- : There's a what looks like one attached to the tank (through a cut out in the tank insulation) , but it feels lose like it is no longer in use and there's a black box with three house symbols attached to the wilo pump - could that be a recent replacement.

Hi , not around till about 4pm today. But could you check if you have a motorised valve and if its a two pipe or three pipe


Full Size Image


It GATS a 3 port


That's a 3 port/ pipe

JACUSTOMER-gxkrhhgm- : Looks just like the one u pictured - 3 pipe/port

Hi , is the pump on the boiler itself? Also could you tell me the make of your programmer? Thanks . also do you have or can you borrow a multimeter?

JACUSTOMER-gxkrhhgm- : Hi - Boiler in separate cupboard from pump. Wilo pump is in another cupboard with tank and potterton ep2002 programmer. Don't have a multimeter - what would I need to do with it if I can borrow one?

Testing whether a wire is live in the wiring centre. Without one though , if you take off the programmer front cover and with the power off take out wire 1 and tape it up. Replace the programmer front and see if this stops hot water being on all the time