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Plumberpro, Plumber
Category: Plumbing
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Heating not coming on biasi riva compact HE model M96SM/C2

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Heating not coming on biasi riva compact HE model M96SM/C2
Plumberpro :

Hi , is the hot water working?

Customer: Yes hot water ok
Plumberpro :

Do you have a wireless room thermostat?

Customer: Yes it is calling for heating to switch on
Plumberpro :

The reciever is lit green?

Customer: Yes
Plumberpro :

Ok, first its important to verify it is a boiler fault and not the room stat. Within the boiler wiring centre will be the connection for the stat. Do you have the manual?

Customer: Yes but seems very hard to follow
Plumberpro :

On page 29 is the wiring diagram for the stat. With the power off can you put a small link wire between 1 and 3 to bypass the stat ? This will confirm if it is a boiler fault or stat fault

Customer: Sorry but I not able to do that I think the controls need to be reset but, again I can't understand the instructions it is not very clear
Plumberpro :

Ok , to the right of the two big control knobs is the reset button. Press it in for a couple of seconds with the power on and hopefully it will work

Customer: No,nothing happened
Plumberpro :


Plumberpro :

Do you have someone who can help put the link wire in ?

Customer: No, sorry I havent. Is there an easy way to reset the small square timer
Plumberpro :

no , unfortunately not . its possible it could be a fault with that as well

Customer: Ok thank you for trying to help, I know it is a very difficult boiler to work as I had somebody once before who couldn't understand the instructions. I would never recommend this make to anyone. I have had other boilers which are easy to understand, these type seem to be awful, so sorry you were unable to help but thank you for trying. I will just have go to bed to keep warm!!
Plumberpro :

Ok , all the best . British gas dphave a set price boiler repair service. They will guarantee a repair for a certain price , parts and labour.

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