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Bathroom sink draining slowly. 1920s house, bathroom added

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Bathroom sink draining slowly. 1920s house, bathroom added later, drainage pipes go round two walls before descending to ground level.
Is there a device like a pipe cleaner that could be used to clear the drainage pipes periodically?
Or is my only option to get the pipe system changed?
***** ***** : To prevent this in the future it is alway best to run clean hot water down after the shower or bath as the bubble and soap scum sit in the pipework after and slowly build up.
***** ***** : For now I could use an acid cleaner as something purchase in a supermarket is quite weak.
***** ***** : A plumbers merchants would be the best place for something at least 50% sulpuric acid based

I do not want to pour sulphuric acid based products into the water supply so that answer has not helped me.


Is there no such mechanical brush as I suggested?

***** ***** : If you take off the trap and clean it out then it cure some of it.
***** ***** : You can buy equipment that clean out the waste pipes but you have to be careful
***** ***** : Most domestci pipework is push fit and not solvent weld, which means it pulls apart, using mechanically assisted cleaning apparta
***** ***** : apparatus can push these fittings apart causing much damage
***** ***** : Acid cleaning is ok as the amount you use soon gets watered down in the general drainage system
***** ***** : If you want to use something mechanical after this warning then try something like this;
***** ***** :
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