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We have no cold water feeding the upstairs toilet and tap.

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We have no cold water feeding the upstairs toilet and tap. Everywhere else in the house is ok. Why could this be? Joanna
***** ***** : Is this normally fed from the mains or the tank?
***** ***** : When you turned off the cold water did it stop straight away or did you have to drain the tank?
***** ***** : Do you have hot water still?

Water is from mains. It is only in bathroom. The rest of the house is ok.


Yes we have hot water

***** ***** : Do the taps feel normal when you open them?

The tap is a modern lift and move to L for hot and R for cold water. To L hot water comes out. To R no water comes out of tap.


Into the modern toilet system there is a drip of water which seems to be unregulated.


Bath tap works ok so it would appear to be something that has only to do with the basin tap and the toilet flush system. Both of which are in the same box. Let me know 8if you want a photo.

***** ***** : Strange if they are mains fed, is it possible something has been left switched off?

Nothing has been switched off. It has just happened that the water is not running and there is no flush on the loo.

***** ***** : They are either tank fed and the ballatp is stuck
***** ***** : Or you have a blockage in the tap AND the toilet
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