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Not sure what category to select. I have Creda 9.5w Electric

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Not sure what category to select.
I have Creda 9.5w Electric shower that now only gives cold water showers. The overheat button is lit up.
I have checked the flow with and without the shower head and it remains the same, I have run it while switched to cold, medium and high and the flow remains the same. There is a separate temperature control and if this is turned to the hottest setting the water comes out at a very slow rate, which i would expect, however it is still cold.
Is there some component that I need to buy or do I need new shower?
Any help is appreciated.
Many Thanks
***** ***** : Do you have the year of manufacture?
***** ***** : There may be a sticker underneath the shower with the full model name on it if it is not on the front of the shower?

I am not certain of the year of manufacture although we bought it about 2 years ago.


Model is 53-554060


serial number - 32 E 105956

***** ***** : No name?
***** ***** : Active, Aqua?

Ah Creda 950DL

***** ***** : Ok 2 ticks....
***** ***** : Do you have a meter to check the resistance of the heating elements?

No, sorry

***** ***** : It could be a faulty overheat cut out switch - you may be able to link it out to see if you can get the shower working to prove this
***** ***** : Try this link for your shower;
***** ***** :
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