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I have a Worcester heatslave central heating boiler which

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Hi I have a Worcester heatslave central heating boiler
which has stopped working. The lockout button light is lit up and so is the red button on the front of the boiler. If I turn the boiler off then on again the lockout light will go out but as soon as i press the button on the front of the boiler it switches. back on again. The only noise I can hear is from the central heating pump half way up. The boiler fan, pump and the ignition are silent. I have pressed in the little red micro reset switch which is under the main control panel. There is still half a tank of oil in the tank but I have run out of oil before and normaly I can hear the fan running and ignition but just wont light. What do you think?
Cheers Barry
Hi , either the oil pump or the flame sensor may be faulty. Clean the flame sensor first ,it may be dirty
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have just cleaned the flame sensor. When I pressed the reset button just heard a click nothing else. How can I tell if the oil pump is shot.

You would have to check that oil is reaching the jet and spraying .if you have a gauge the vacuum pressure can be tested to check the pump is pulling

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
But as I said there is no noise so the pump cant be running. Should there be an electrical supply to the motor straight away.
No , the boiler will run through checks first . do you have a multi Meyer?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am an auto electrician during the day so happy to use a multi meter. Does the system check the pump for resistance first then lockout if its no good?
No the oil pump has no sensors . it will have power to the control unit that turns on the blower and oil pump , controlled by the flame sensor. The boiler once a call for heat comes through via the programmer and either room stat or hot water flow switch, will run the central heating pump. There is a flow switch that operates to confirm the central heating pump is working, then the board will check through the stats , high limit stat and central heating and hot water control thermostat . if all these are OK then power is sent to the burner control box . if no power at Tyne burner control box , its then checking back to find the faulty component . do you have the wiring diagrams?
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