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I live in a hard water area and use an Aga to heat the domestic

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I live in a hard water area and use an Aga to heat the domestic hot water cylinder via an indirect, gravity system (year-round). I had to replace 2 cylinders in 4.5 years as, in both cases, the cylinder (indirect) coils broke-down due to excessive lime-scale build-up. I do not want to install a water-softener. Would a stainless steel cylinder (and coil) be more resistant to lime-scale corrosion than the traditional copper ? Cylinder manufacturers have not been helpful!
Hi , I think your lime scale build up would have been due to overheating within the pipe work and nothing to do with hard water. You need to get a decent engineer to work out some kind of temperature control on your cylinder pipe work to stop excessive temperatures running through . scale forms at 65 degrees centregrade, so you either need to the aga stat below this or incorporate a thermostat controlled valve on the cylinder could work with a bypass.
Hi , if the scale is in the heating pipes then a solution of inhibitor will stop scale . if its in the cylinder itself , then stopping the hot water getting above 65 has to be resolved
But , yes stainless steel offers better protection from scale. Go for heatrai sadia or glenhill.
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Sorry , meant gledhill , not glenhill. All the best. Heatrae stadia offer the best warranty
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I've looked at the HeatraeSadia and Gledhill sites and, so far as I can see, the vented Megalife HE, Stainless Lite Vented and Envirofoam Stainless Vented all require pumped circuits and are unsuitable for gravity systems.

Hi , I have found one suitable for your system . it is made by gledhill and is called stainless lite triple coil, which has 3 coiks , onevof whichcan be used for gravity systems Copy and paste this into your browser

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks. Your suggestion would have been perfect, except that the triple coil model is 2M in height and I only have 1.8M max height availability ! All the other Gledhill vented, indirect SS cylinders need a pumped circuit. You don't know of a slightly smaller alternative to the Gledhill IND300-STC do you ?

I will have a look but I have a suggestion. These cylinders are sometimes more expensive than a boiler . what a bout fitting a combi boiler in the cylinder cupboard or loft if there is space and an external wall ?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Combi not suitable - V large (listed) property (this hot water supply problem applies to one wing only !). No mains gas - in rural wilds !

Have found a Joule Cyclone triple coil with appropriate dimensions but cannot find a UK stockist. Have you experience with this (Irish) manufacturer?

Alternatively, Newark Cylinders do build to customer requirements, but their expertise has always been in copper not SS - your experience ?

Oil combi? Or solar plus heat pump? Haven't heard of joule , but if the warranty is long , ie , 20 years then why not.same with Newark .
The copper ones for gravity normally have a bigger coil, 28mm( I wonder if yours was a smaller coil, so if they can make one to your requirements then I think that would be ok.
Have a look at this page though . these are cylinders made for Aga's. Copy and paste into your browser and scroll down a little
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Have now received a satisfactory quote from Newark for a bespoke indirect vented Duplex cylinder with large bore gravity coil in 316 marine grade stainless steel. That should solve the problem.

That's great ,all the best with it, Kind Regards