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The cheap little plastic tap-like thing where the water comes

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The cheap little plastic tap-like thing where the water comes out when filling up the cistern of my toilet is loose. I have to keep fixing it after every flush. All I need to do is replace this one little part but I don't seem able to identify what it's called...if indeed you can even buy this part, and this part alone. Any advice please? Like a specific name for it?
Hi , could you upload a photo?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Can do yes if you bear with me.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I seem to be having problems uploading the image mate. It's just where the water comes out when filling the cistern back up. That's it. It used to be a flimsy tube-like thing similar to a plastic bag, but then that got replaced with what looks more like a tap. It's just come loose is all, and I need to know if it has a specific name so I have more success looking for a replacement. Or if you know of any place yourself that might stock such a thing, then even better? Thanks.

Hi its the water spout on the float valve . have you tried spinning it clockwise gently to see if it needs spinning on. You can't buy these/separately but , that is a bog standard foot valve and if you take a photo of it to any plumbers merchants they will give you the same one . turn water off , unscrew the but and replace it , but try spinning it back on first ,but don't snap it .
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Ahh, it did upload. I was under the impression it hadn't. Well that's just it mate, the thread seems to have snapped off somehow too, so it's literally just perched on top pretty much (if not for the string). I thought it might be tricky buying that specific part on its own without having to purchase the whole float valve. Never mind. I shall just buy the whole thing then. Cheers ***** ***** help anyway mate. Take it easy.

Your welcome , you too
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