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How do I get rid of clunking pipes after flushing the toilet

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How do I get rid of clunking pipes after flushing the toilet When the valve closes there is a banging of pipes
Hi , this is called water hammer and happens due to high water pressure systems running off the mains. Also the pipe work may not have been clipped sufficiently .The best cure is to fit a pressure reducing valve on the incoming mains pipe just after the stopcock to limit it to 3 bar.
Other alternatives are to turn the stopcock down as much as is acceptible to you,and see if it stops .
Also you can fit a water hammer arrestor somewhere on the pipe work near the toilet. If you search water hammer arrestor you will see that they can be bought pretty much everywhere.
Also it could be the type of ball valve in your toilet that is slamming shut , this could be replaced with one more suitable to high pressure, is a torbeck valve
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