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I have just had a combi boiler system installed and am horrified

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I have just had a combi boiler system installed and am horrified at the pipework that seems to be needed. The boiler is fitted in a single brick lean-to style utility room off the kitchen (it is a simple 1930s three bed semi) with a step down from the kitchen into the utility room, there is an outside door next to the new combi boiler boiler. We had requested that all pipe work go up into the roof void to avoid pipe runs being visible as we are going to eventually open a new door in the opposite wall to the back door. The utility room floor is solid so we understand that the pipe work cannot go under floor. The plumber has taken a run of six pipes from the combi boiler down to the floor , then along to the back wall, along the back wall , turned onto the the wall opposite the back door, then turned onto the wall between the utility wall and the kitchen, along this wall and then turned up the wall by the door that leads into the kitchen from the utility room, and into the roof void. is that long run necessary? could the pipe work have gone directly into the roof void ,as requested? as this is where it seems to have ended up anyway. these are not small bore pipes they seem quite large and are quite intrusive into the potential dimensions of the small utility room.
Hi , check the roof levels are the same height , as this may have made what you requested very difficult. Also the ceiling may have had to come down for the pipes to go in the ceiling , specially if there were issues getting the floor lifted upstairs. A combined boiler uses this manybpipes unfortunately , flow, return , cold , hot , gas then a pipe for the condensate. Now the houses in you could get another plumber in to check these things and recheck the route required to see if what you want is do-able .
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