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I have a loft conversion with a Stuart monsoon pump feeding

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I have a loft conversion with a Stuart monsoon pump feeding hot n cold. The toilet is pump fed AND after flushing the pump fills the cistern stops then pumps several times off and on then stops. I assume that the pump continues to push water through the cistern valve, reaches pressure, stops, pressure drops pump pressurises again, and again... Do I need to replace the toilet cistern valve and if so do I need a mains pressure one?
Hi , yes you would need a high pressure one. If the pump is below the loft, it will be a negative head one as a normal pump relies on the water running through it operating a flow switch . however a negative head pushes until the tap or valve is closed , sensing pressure build up then stops. These have an expansion vessel on them and this needs to be upto pressure , they can loose pressure over time.
But first I would try one thing . if the toilet has an isolating valve , flush the toilet then turn off the isolating valve after the toilet starts flling. If the pump does the same , then it is most likely the pump, if not then you would need a high pressure filling valve ( torbeck type )
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