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I have a combi boiler which is about 7 years old. I

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Hello. I have a combi boiler which is about 7 years old. I need to increase the pressure that I am receiving at the various water outlets in my home. Should I fit a water pump on the main water input pipe, before it reaches the boiler, or would the boiler then negate any pressure increase? If this is not an option, would fitting water pumps after the boiler be of any use? Thank you.

Hi pumps after the boiler won't work . however a mains booster pump can be fitted on the mains pipe before it splits off t boiler ( hit) and cold outlets. This would givevtyhe hot and cold equal pressure. Here is a Stuart turner mains booster pump, salamander do one too . This will boost by 1.5bar.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your very prompt reply. This pump would only seem to operate if my water pressure drops to 0.6 bar. I believe that I am already running at about 1.2 bar. Or am I being silly here? Are you saying that this pump would maintain 1.5 bar regardless of the number of outlets I have open?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry, misread the spec .... they are talking about flow rate.

Hi , thanks for that . if your pressure is at 1.2 already then I would recommend the grunfos homne incorporates a tank and pump that can operate at 3 bar .these work very well . But how many bathrooms are you ended ng to run at the same time?

Please be aware that your combi will be limited to a certain flow rate. This is to ensure it goes through slow enough to get heated up

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hello. Thank you for the additional information. I wish to run 3 bathrooms at the same time. I know I have the wrong boiler for this but wish to make the best use of it rather than replace it. I think the unit you have suggested above may well be the answer. It will certainly make things a lot better. Thank you.

Hi , in your situation , I would get an unvented hot water cylinder,(heated by the boiler) ie megaflo. This will run 3 bathrooms easily as long as you have 3 bar pressure. You would need to tee off the main for your cold outlets. The combi primary circuit ( that does the rads) will heat the cylinder .
The hot outlet from the combi could either be unused for one hot tap , ie kitchen hot
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Many thanks indeed

Your welcome