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We bought a new toilet last December. Our (fully qualified

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Hello, we bought a new toilet last December. Our (fully qualified and experienced) plumber said that he had difficulty installing it because the flexible pan connector kept popping off. The plumber thought this was because the outlet was slightly tapered. Anyway the plumber told us that he supported the flexible outlet pipe against the wall and flushed the toilet 10-12 times and everything was nice and dry and the pipe did not move. In April we noticed water leakage under the cistern housing. Investigation revealed that there was a leak between the outlet pipe and pan connector. It seemed to have worked loose over time. Our cistern housing had suffered severe water damage and our flooring was water damaged too but not as badly as the cistern housing. We complained to the manufacturer and said that it obviously had a fault because the outlet was tapered. We sent a video of the connector popping off the outlet. The manufacturer said that the outlet appeared to be 'within tolerances' and blamed our plumber for using the wrong connector. They said that we needed one with a jubilee clip. Our plumber tried this but it made matters worse because the connector popped off the outlet even faster as the jubilee clip was tightened. The manufacturer continued to blame our plumber and said that they would replace the toilet with but did not consider themselves liable for the damage caused to our bathroom. When the replacement toilet arrived (2 weeks later) it had exactly the same problem. We told the manufacturer, who this time admitted that the connector did pop off the outlet (though they denied that the outlet was tapered). They said that with pressure behind it the connector would stay on (which is exactly what our plumber had done). In the end our plumber recommended that we did not install the replacement toilet as it was likely to leak over time even if the pipe was supported. We bought a toilet from another manufacturer, the connector stayed put without pressure and we have suffered no leaks since. However we are still out of pocket for the price of the toilet and the damage to our bathroom. The manufacturer still insists that the problem was in the toilet being incorrectly installed and that there was no fault with the toilet itself.
I would appreciate if you could tell me whether, in your experience, it is normal for a pan connector to pop off a toilet outlet pipe and whether, if this happens, the toilet is considered faulty. Also, if a connector is correctly fitted to a faulty toilet then is it plausible that the connector would stay in place initially but would move over time?
So you think in our case that the plumber or the toilet manufacturer is at fault?
Thanks and regards ***** *****
Hi , I have had the same problem with some toilets over the years. Never have I heard any one say to use a jubilee clip . that's completely unacceptable . I must admit with this problem I find mutikwik pan connectors the best as they have a double seal . but I would definitely say the manufacturer is at fault and they are almost admitting it by talking about using a jubilee clip.
Do you mind if I ask the make of the toilet ?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks very much for your prompt response. Much appreciated. The toilet was a Britton Cube back to wall from bathroom brands and it cost £300.