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This may seem like an odd question but I'd be grateful

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This may seem like an odd question but I'd be grateful for any advice.
I have a down stairs toilet room which unfortunately has not been used for about 18months maybe slightly longer as it basically became a storage cupboard for junk.
I have now cleared it ready to put it back in use but someone told me the water from the sink will be unusable now and could even contain legionella so in really concerned and won't let anyone use it yet.
Is this correct and if so how do I fix it.
Hi my name is ***** ***** I have been in the plumbing field for 20 years. I will be glad to help you today. If you have a well then there may be contaminants in the well in which case the well water should be tested and treated. Otherwise if you have city metered water there is nothing to be concerned about. The city water would flush any bacteria when you ran it. To test well water you can get a water test kit at most hardware stores. They cost about $25. If any bacteria is found then the well would be shocked with bleach. Basically pouring bleach into the well and that kills the bacteria.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No I don't have a well and I'm just connected to the normal city water supply.
I have run both the taps for about 20 minutes, flushed the toilet several times and of course cleaned and bleached everything properly.
Thanks for your reply and putting my mind at ease.
You are very welcome. I am glad to help.
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